Principles of Learning 

  1. Learning shouldn’t be a lonesome act because “no individual has sufficient experience,  education, natural ability and knowledge” without the collaboration of a great group of people.
  2. Learning by teaching principle motivates the student to learning more about a subject by teaching it.
  3. Encouraging all to participate and contribute to decisions or workshops, make friends, enjoy the learning experience and evolving to your “greatest version.”
  4. Constructing learning activities, Simple Stimulus-Response Learning, to optimize the outcome of the learning situation.
  5. Learning to acquire information and be able to use it, make decisions, judgments, and “give experience to learner to control and determine one’s own learning.”
  6. Everyone is original and has something to contribute to the world.
  7. Facilitate discussion to visualize the solution to what is the truth that faces all of us.
  8. Learning can be work, but not a job. If you find yourself grinding it out over a task, stop and take a break, do something creative and fun, than go back to studying.

Live – Learn – Grow

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