Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by our membership for the responsibility of the overall governance of EOII. A talented group of community volunteers provides our strategic leadership and stewardship.

The following individuals are the current members of our Board of Directors:

  • Adam White, President and Chair
  • Vacant, Vice President and Vice Chair
  • Vacant, Secretary
  • Vacant, Treasurer
  • Vacant, Legal


Adam White – Chief Executive Officer
Vacant – Chief Financial Officer
Vacant – Chief Operations Officer
Vacant – Chief Legal Officer

Other unfilled positions:

  • Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Outreach
  • Executive Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Executive Director of Knowledge Management and Innovation
  • Executive Director of Leadership Management
  • Executive Director of Information and Technology


We are grateful to the many companies, organizations, individuals, and great groups who believe in Emporium of I and I and sharing their services with us. Their understanding about the benefits of creative collaborations and coordination to enable “artists rising together”, is greatly appreciated.
Interested in becoming a partner?

Send us a quick note at:

Working Groups

In order to keep aware of current community issues, improving our service delivery and value, good communication and culture, marketing strategy, and up-to-date on latest social business trends – we create working groups where:

members to share resources and experiences
generate ideas and projects
build relationships
reviewing policies
receive training.

Artists Rising Together