Get Involved

“This is Mission Impossible, but nobody said it can’t done.”

We are a grassroots led organization of creative collaborators with a sense of curiosity and adventure for knowledge and cultural activities in a cooperative movement, that puts art, culture, and community at the heart of the Oshawa Experience.

The work we do is geared towards leveraging expertise from the arts and culture sector, community partners, social businesses, and academia for a new economy of community wealth building projects and campaigns.

Our goal is to promote, support, and advance knowledge, experiences, and resources – for artists to nurture their talents, expand skill-sets, explore cultural activities, growing a marketplace of ideas, and coming together for creative solutions to increase social well-being and wholeness in Oshawa.

There are many ways that you can “get involved” and this section will give you some ideas! You can:

  • joining a co-working project, gaining teamwork and leadership experience, and spring board into your own career
  • contributing your talent to the art of learning and the art of community to shape the Oshawa Experience
  • donate and sponsor to an EOII project, campaign, and initiave
  • apply to be a volunteer member, advisor, seeker on a EOII Committee, Working Group, or stand for election to our volunteer Board of Director

Artists Rising Together