Business Plan


At Emporium of I and I (EOII), we are artists rising together, with imagination and ideas, combining our knowledge, experiences and resources that puts arts and culture at heart of the Oshawa experience.


We are a grassroots not for profit community learning network that provides innovative programs and services that promote and increase access to knowledge, tools, and resources in  building the future where artists, entrepreneurs, individuals, and communities are participating and contributing in a new creative economy..


An organic organization of collaborates that works within community to create a  learning network for members and the public can find one another, learn from each other, and build the trust that plays a crucial role as a catalysis revitalizing Oshawa.


  • Handbook Guidelines, and Policies
  • Forming a board of directors
  • Creating a working groups


  • We are all artists with a gift to share in co-creating this dream together.
  • We reach out for creativity, unconventionality warmth and friendship while intellectually the emphasis on mindfulness, humor and care.
  • We come to understand the creative expression through value in contrast, and balance in variety. It’s from variety and contrast, our preferences or desires are born.
  • We honor everyone’s contribution, opportunity to evolve, and choice to leave to pursue their own vision.
  • We are a creative community that understands everyone will bring their own baggage and culture beliefs into a team project; and the community glue is about learning to work together, being a part of something greater than ourselves, and focus on getting the work done with best result.



  • Commitment to honoring ourselves and respecting others ability to perform at their greatest level.


  • Engaging others with respect, openness, and working together as a great group and being a part of something greater than ourselves.

Inclusiveness and Diversity

  • Embracing and acting on responsibility to guarantee diversity and equity.

Brutally honest

  • Everyone should share how they feel, let it out before it bottles up inside and emotions explore over something fickle. A conversation storm allows for openness and settle misunderstandings.

Freedom and Discovery

  • Supporting the freedom to pursue knowledge that is based on individual and collective intelligence, curiosity, ingenuity and creativity.

Responsibility to learners

  • Recognizing everybody is a student with different abilities, so priority is an environment and support to enable students discover their talent, expand skill-sets, and become their greatest version.


  • Imagination is fueled by desires and passion to manifest thoughts out of action. by aligning life with thoughts we create create the reality from intention and discipline. We visualize the outcome we are evoking.

Creative Collaboration

  • Merging ideas with purpose, the best ideas are collaborated and connected with nature.

Roving leadership

  • Everybody is a leader encouraging, promoting, working and sharing in the successes and breaking down barriers to live our dreams.

Artists Rising Together