About EOII


We are Artists Rising Together, combining our imagination, knowledge and experiences, in a co-working environment and through a network of strategic partnerships, creating improvised programs, initiatives and services to advance education, skills, tools, and resources for the mutual joy and appreciation of the arts, community, nature and creative economy.


  • To be the 10% that successfully form an intentional community, as a great group of artists, entrepreneurs, community enthusiasts, urban dwellers in an intentional community living space
  • Low cost methods to creating self-empowering workshops, activities and transformative projects
  • Breaking down barriers for emerging artists, organic entrepreneurs and community based organizations with skills, tools and resources


  • We are all artists with a gift to share in co-creating this dream together.
  • We reach out for creativity, unconventionality warmth and friendship while intellectually the emphasis on mindfulness, humor and care.
  • We come to understand the creative expression through value in contrast, and balance in variety. It’s from variety and contrast, our preferences or desires are born.
  • We honor everyone’s contribution, opportunity to evolve, and choice to leave to pursue their own vision.
  • We understand everyone will bring their own baggage and culture beliefs to a group. But its about learning to work together, being a part of something greater than ourselves, and focus on getting the work done with best result.