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“We are artists rising together in the Emporium of Ideas and innovation.”

JUST IMAGINE participating in extraordinary activities and interactions for paths to Higher Knowledge and harmonizing social health and well-being in the process. What would the world look like? Because we are the storytellers, the explores of that true understanding of Self. We are co-creators of this reality, thus the science of being is an art form.

We are art students and teachers in this worldly school of life. Learning lessons and gaining experiences on an up and down ocean of mental and emotional feelings. Nobody is perfect, yet perfect in our imperfections. And although, trials and tribulations do exist for a lot of us – these problems, challenges, opportunities guide us evermore deeper into understanding ourselves, and revealing our greatest version.


Emporium of I and I aims to form as a great group of burning souls, in a living movement of chivalry and novelty, in which curiosity and a sense of adventure, leads to extraordinary activities and interactions that contribute to a New Bohemia and Combine Generation for a ReNew Oshawa Experience.

Brief History

  • Emporium of I and I (EOII) is a grassroots initiative, founded by Adam White. The EOII first took roots in The Vault, an artist community movement from 2012 – 2014.


  • To deliver improvised platforms and programs for: real-life learning,  creative solutions to real-life challenges, and pathways to real-life community exploration and novelty.
  • To play a role in a thriving and prosperous Oshawa that involves a new economy of creative collaborators and social entrepreneurs to solve problems facing diversity, equity, and inclusion. so everybody can be artist contributing their gift to the world


  • To engage individuals and community members with extraordinary activities and interactions for meaningful and transformative happenings that shape the ReNew Oshawa Experience.


  • To operate as a grassroots community learning network and drop-in centre that equips people with the knowledge, tools, and resources that assists and supports them being their great version, and contributes to a living movement shapening the ReNew Oshawa Experience.

Objectives & Goals

  • To harness a great group of creative collaborators to create improvised programs, inclusive workshops, diverse initiatives, networking opportunities, and resources that enable people to realize their highest potential.
  • To maximize our efforts by leveraging with key partnership, and B2B to promote community based organizations that expands the community learning network brand.
  • A leader and trend-setter in low cost high quality community wealth building building projects.
  • To combine our knowledge, experiences, leadership, and resources – in a city-wide cooperative movement transforming communities for the better.
  • To administer a Free School with learning by doing principles, and community care and well-being initiatives that keep street-life vibrant and vital.
  • To engage the community and members to think outside the box, and see problems as good opportunity to solve pressing social-economic-political challenges

Core Values

Our values influence who we work with, how we behave and how we all work together to a single vision. These things are important to us:


  • Commitment to honoring ourselves and respecting others ability to perform at their greatest level.


  • Engaging others with respect, openness, and working together as a great group and being a part of something greater than ourselves.

Beauty and Diversity

  • Embracing and acting on responsibility to guarantee diversity and equity.

 Brutally honest

  • Everyone should share how they feel, let it out before it bottles up inside and emotions explore over something fickle. A conversation storm allows for openness and settle misunderstandings.

 Freedom and Discovery

  • Supporting the freedom to pursue knowledge that is based on individual and collective intelligence, curiosity, ingenuity and creativity.

 Responsibility to learners

  • Recognizing everybody is a student with different abilities, so priority is an environment and support to enable students discover their talent, expand skill-sets, and become their greatest version.


  • Imagination is fueled by desires and passion to manifest thoughts out of action. by aligning life with thoughts we create create the reality from intention and discipline. We visualize the outcome we are evoking.

 Creative Collaboration

  • Merging ideas with purpose, the best ideas are collaborated and connected with nature.

 Roving leadership

  • Everybody is a leader encouraging, promoting, working and sharing in the successes and breaking down barriers to live our dreams.

Strategic Direction: ReNew Oshawa Experience

We desire to be a living movement that contributes to a New Bohemia & Combine Generation in downtown Oshawa as a whole. The Renew Oshawa Experience, is a story of creating life together to accomplishing amazing things and breaking down barriers for active and vibrant communities. A daily passion – which draws strength from combining our imagination and ideas, our knowledge and resources, that inspires a fun, beautiful, accepting, creative, and loving place to live

Now Recruiting Members to Leadership Council

EOII is recruiting creative collaborators and social entrepreneurs with a sense of curiosity and adventure for extraordinary activities and interactions that create heaven on earth in downtown Oshawa.

The aim is to form a core group of burning souls – who trust and respect each other, and understand the deep need for: a marketplace of ideas, creative collaborations, more community engagement and coordination, a new economy with a stream-line process for community wealth building projects that plays a crucial role as a catalyst for economic prosperity, social health, and pride in calling Oshawa home.

You can contact info@eoii.org if you have questions or comments to pass on.

Artists Rising Together