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“We are artists rising together in the Emporium of Ideas and innovation.”


Emporium of I and I (EOII) is a grassroots initiative, to be the 10% who successfully form a not for profit intentional community with a sense of curiosity and adventure for activities that create heaven on earth in downtown Oshawa.

As a great group of creative collaborators and social entrepreneurs, we maximize our efforts by leveraging with key partnership to create improvised programs, inclusive workshops, diverse initiatives, networking opportunities, and finding the resources for artists of all skill levels can participate and contribute their unique gift with the world.

Our founders, are burning souls who came together for the mutual joy and appreciation of the arts, culture, nature, and commitment to community wealth building that plays a crucial role as a catalyst for economic prosperity, social health, and pride in calling Oshawa home.

In Oshawa, the arts and culture run rife with anxiety — displacement of intellectual, emotional, or aesthetic– but “this anxiety, when acted upon, can release numberless creative and emotional explosions.”

And this is the role EOII will play in a thriving and prosperous Oshawa that involves a new economy of creative collaborators and social entrepreneurs to solve problems facing diversity, equity, and inclusion. so everybody can be artist contributing their gift to the world.

You can contact info@eoii.org if you have questions or comments to pass on.

Artists Rising Together